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2 min readApr 18, 2022


digiCamControl Download is a camera controlling software that works seamlessly with Windows PC. It can control various camera settings from your PC, including exposure, focusing, and time-lapse.

digiCamControl lets you control a DSLR camera remotely. You can import the images and the data from the device.

Although digital cameras are designed to be held in hand, they can also be operated remotely through a computer. With this app, you can control the camera from anywhere.

The connexion is a USB cable that’s used to connect a camera to a computer. This app has a clean and simple UI and is designed to work seamlessly.

Features of digiCamControl Download

  • digiCamControl Download is not overly fancy, though it has plenty of options. It lets you trigger images and take screenshots, and it also allows you to set various settings.
  • Live images can be viewed through the camera’s monitor before they are shot. It allows you to adjust the focus and even zoom in and out. It also allows you to create a series of focused images to connect one image to another.
  • The app’s settings are simple to use, as long as you know more about photography. There are also ways to customize its looks and preview images.
  • The app’s configuration options include options related to the looks of the application and its default image viewing utility.
  • The app’s interface is simple to use, and its menus are lined up in the upper portion of the screen.
  • A simple module that helps long exposure photography. It can also be used to automatize repetitive tasks.
  • digiCam Control is free to use with an MIT license.


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