How to Download Video From Any Website For Free?

Method 1 — Using Online Downloader Service Download Video From Any Website

This method is the best and easy method for you because you do not need to Download or Install any kind of Software for your Computer or mobile device.

Step 1 — Go to the Video located Website if you need to Download

First, you need to go to your video-hosting website. It can be Facebook, Youtube, or any other website.

Step 2 — Select the Video you need to Download

Now you select what video you need to get. So Select the Video and play it first.

Step 3 — Copy the Video URL Address

This step is simple. You need to Copy the URL of the video. It has a few ways to get URLs.

Step 4 — Go to the Video Online Downloader Website.

Previously I mentioned this website. Those websites are currently active and the best user review site. So I decided to mention this website.

  1. Use the Keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + V” or
  2. Click the Right click and select Paste.

Step 6 — Click the Download or Go Button

This step is also easy. If you paste the URL of the Video, now click the Download or Go button.

Step 7 — Select the Quality that needs to Download

This step is final. Now you paste the video URL; this downloader website automatically processes and shows the Video download button and the Quality dropdown list below.



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